We pride ourselves in including a rich set of features for our customers to use.

Call & Message Management

Virtual Receptionist

Greet your callers with professional custom messages and help direct them to the right part of your business with flexible multi-level IVR options (e.g. Select 1 for sales, 2 for customer services..) If the user knows the extension of the person they want to speak to they can enter this and get straight in touch.

Advanced Call Routing

Use powerful call management features to handle calls more effectively.

Mobile Tethering

Add a new level of mobility by linking a mobile phone number to an extension. So when your extension rings and you are away from your office you can choose to answer it on your mobile.

Call Queues and Hunt Groups

Need to manage lots of callers across single or multiple sites and departments?

Use the call queues feature to manage your calls better during busy times and reduce the number of abandoned calls. With this feature your callers will be held in a queue and informed of their position in that queue.

By creating hunt groups you can manage the way calls to a team or a department behave. Ring all the team or ring in a defined sequence.

Voicemail to email

Extension and company voicemail boxes can be setup for you to use. You can even have your voicemail messages emailed to a select email account as soon as they are received.

You can manage your voicemail both on the phone and through the customer Web Portal.

General Features

Unlimited VOIP Extensions

An extension is akin to a user. Add or remove extensions as and when your business needs them. New employees or new sites can be setup and active in minutes.

Geographic, Non Geographic and Freephone numbers

You can either port your existing company number or we can help you obtain a new standard or premium UK Geographic number. In addition, we also offer  Freephone & Non Geographic numbers such as 0800/0808 and 0330

Conference Rooms

Setup numerous conference rooms and share internally or with your customers. Greet people with a custom message, announce attendees and attendee count. Use a conference admin to control the start and end of the conference and record the call if needed.

Your first conference room is free. Additional conference rooms can be added for £5 a month.

Music on hold

Play music to your callers on hold to enhance their experience, use ours, upload your own. Use this valuable time to highlight new products and services.


You can use the Cloudphone service from a variety of devices. A traditional desk phone will offer unparalleled features. A more mobile employee or team may prefer to take their office phone system on the road by using the soft-client / app on their PC/Mac. You can even run it from your iPad and Android table and Apple/Android/Blackberry mobile phones.

Call recording

To enhance your levels of customer service or to meet a regulatory requirement call recording can be enabled fully or partially with the option to trigger call recording mid call if required.

Recorded messages can be emailed or optionally stored on the system for a period of time.

Video Calling

Bring your calls to life with Video calling. Available on video enabled IP phones. Our team can advise on you on available handsets.


With your Cloudphone solution you can send and receive faxes from the web portal. Faxes received on your number can be emailed to your account.

Both inbound & outbound Faxes can be configured to be stored in the web portal for your convenience.

Service Management & Analytics

Customer Web Portal

With the Cloudphone hosted VOIP PBX you have access to a responsive web portal to manage your settings. This means that you can make real time changes to the way that your phones are configured on your PC / Mobile or Tablet.

You can give you teams differing level of access and control. For example, you may want to setup a few people as administrators and have access to a number of key settings and then expose a reduced set of options for the rest of your business to manage common tasks like assigning forwards and mobile tethering features.

Call Analytics and wallboard

Cloudphone collects valuable real-time & historic call data to help you better manage the customer or client facing operations of your business. Some useful applications of this are:


Use the visual wall board on a spare monitor or TV to keep track of the number of queued calls and how long they have been waiting. Re-allocate people to new queues to manage peak traffic as needed.

Use the call web panel to see extension level activity and visualize calls that are have been parked to ensure no-one is forgotten!


Activity tracking: Get extension call activity (frequency, duration, inbound/outbound) stats to complement work balancing among teams.

Address abandoned calls.  Track and work on abandoned calls. You can even extract all the abandoned calls and run activity to identify the callers and then reach out to them to catch that missed business and help you stand out from the crowd!